About us


Travel Company "Haryt syyahat" is one of the first Turkmen private travel agencies that opened in the epoch of independence - offers a variety of leisure activities, a wide choice of tourist routes, popular with both foreign tourists and citizens of our country.


For travelers, tours are organized to all the famous sights of Turkmenistan - the amazing places of nature of Lebap, the historical monuments of Merv, to the azure coast of Caspian Sea and the healing springs of Balkan, to the capital of ancient Horezm - Koneurgench, to the fortresses of Avaza, as well as the white marble Ashgabat known for its modern architectural building. This also gives an opportunity to get acquainted with the national traditions of our people, learn more about the famous Turkmen carpets, beautiful Ahalteke horses, feel the magic charm of the endless sands of Karakum, and also see the world-famous sights of the Turkmen capital.


For the Turkmen amateurs of foreign travel, "Haryt syyahat" prepares visas and offers tours on many European countries, as well as to Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, India, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, China, Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Belarus. Currently, "Haryt syyahat" offers to visit the famous resorts of Ukraine (Truskavets, Morshchin), Russia (Minvody), and Azerbaijan (Naftalan).


The office of the travel agency "Haryt syyahat" is located at: Magtymguly avenue 115, (“Ashgabat” Cinema, 2nd floor) please, contact us for more information: +99312 93 4472 / 934966.