Avaza National Tourist Zone

In June 2009, the opening ceremony of the first facilities of the Avaza National Tourist Zone took place on the Caspian coast. The “Avaza” project initiated by President of Turkmenistan occupies a special place in the strategic plans of the country over the next decade and, therefore, is dedicated to accumulate all of the most advanced achievements of world architecture, engineering, technical design and creative ideas. Currently, the cost of constructed facilities here is more than 1.5 billion dollars.
Within the second stage of construction, another 10-15 resorts, world-class hotels commissioned. Particular attention was paid to the creation of a full-scale recreation and entertainment complex – the construction of a water park, yacht and sports clubs, restaurants, campgrounds, all sorts of attractions, shopping centers. Today, navigable river runs 7 kilometers through the whole territory of the resort. On both sides of the hydraulic structure landscaped recreation area will be extended, sports and canoeing, sailing regattas will take place there.
A new airport in the city of Turkmenbashi had been commissioned; active works are being implemented on the construction of the highways to Avaza, on the construction of a powerful gas turbine power plant, desalination plant, sewage treatment plants and water supply network system. Seaport will be fully modernized: national fleet will have ships for sea cruises, yachts and other vessels. Turkmenbashi city will become one of the largest transportation centers on the railway transport corridor “North-South,” which is designed as the shortest route to tie the states of Europe and South Asia.
The boundaries of the tourist zone have been expanded; its area has increased to five thousand acres. In the third phase of the project there will be a kind of Turkmen “Las Vegas” with numerous casinos and other entertainment centers. New life will come to the city of Turkmenbashi. Old city will be moved to a new location. The construction of a new city with modern apartment houses and necessary infrastructure will begin nearby.